Lee Watson

‘Purveyor of good music which creates a feel good atmosphere’

Primarily my musical influence came from my father’s old record collection. I grew up on a lot of soul, funk and reggae music. Aside from that, I have always been a huge hip hop fan, and though I’m not primarily a hip hop D.J., I definitely throw in those nods here and there. I have ended up with quite a mixed spectrum of musical taste. today this translates into sets where I pick all the pieces of the music I love best from : pop, indie, rock’n’roll, folk, funk, soul, jazz, disco, hip hop and dance music and infuse them together.

I am very active in the local D.J. scene in Glasgow and currently have a residency in both Baad and Platform at The Arches. I am also part of a monthly radio show on Radio Magnetic called Hijacked Radio. My career highlights to date would be playing at the Riverside Festival in both 2017 & 2018 and have also been lucky enough to have played for some of the best beach bars in Tarifa, Spain. I am also very proud to have been D.J.’ing for Hijacked Records for many years.

For me it’s all about mood and playing those tracks that get you tapping your feet and nodding your head without you realising it, regardless of genre, tempo or style!